About a month ago I began teaching a screen-printing workshop for youth from PODER’s Common Roots, SOMCAM and Chinese Progressive Association. The San Francisco Print Collective and Asian Neighborhood Design conceived the workshop with the idea was to bring youth together from different organizations to create designs that reflect the organizations’ campaign work.

The workshop consisted of four classes and was co-taught with Vicki Carr from the SF Print Collective. The workshop went through the basics of screen-printing, teaching youth how to create a design that can be screen-printed and by the end of the class the youth printed their designs on to a t-shirt.

I had a blast helping lead the workshop, all the youth did great jobs with their designs and everyone learned the basics of screen-printing. Next the youth in the class will be part of a mural making class, taking the shirt designs and incorporating them into a mural.

During the class eye_lid from the Walkabout blog came by to document the classes, there are a few of the videos he made.