Over the years I have been fortunate to work with Malaquias Montoya, in 2004 I worked with him to reprint his 1982 “An Immigrants Dream, The American Response” for the Center for the Study of Political Graphics fundraising portfolio and last sprint he designed the poster for the Taller Tupac Amaru’s 10th Anniversary exhibit. As a young print maker it is always an honor to work with him, being one of the founding artist of the Chican@ Art Movement and a master screen printer I look up to him and see him as a Mentor and good friend. This summer I had the opportunity to work with him again on a reprint of his 1972 poster for Jesus TreviƱos film “Yo Soy Chicano”. This is a classic image of the Chican@ Movement and a important piece of our history. Malaquias was super generous and offered his art as a fundraiser for Xicana Mortorium Day in Oakland and to help me fundraise for my grad school tuition, this meant the world to me. It makes me feel invincible to have Malaquias stand with me in my journey through my MFA program which he has pushed me towards over the past few years.