It’s August again, you know what that means, time for the Xicana Moratorium! This year the theme was PALANTE: The People United, Celebrating Life. You can check out the design for the flyer this year, sadly because everything that was going on with the wedding there was no time for a poster. But there is next year for a poster.

This is the 29th commemoration of the Chicana Moratorium Against the Vietnam War in Los Angeles that appended August 29th 1972. The original Chicana Moratorium was a huge rally held in East LA to protest the US’ involvement in the Vietnam War, it was a beautiful celebration turned ugly by police brutality. Police turned on the citizens and started a riot, claiming that a youth had stolen a six-pack of beer and in their chase after him declared the protest a illegal assembly. There were three deaths at the event, including Ruben Salazar, a Chicano journalist who had been covering the Chicano Movement in LA. Since 1980 the Xicana Moratorium Coalition has celebrated this event by holding a concert at Dolores Park to honor the memory of those who were killed and to keep the spirit of the protest alive.