Aqui Estamos, Y No Nos Vamos: Luchando por Gente, Tierra y Libertad!

“The message for this year’s Xicana Moratorium Day is to remind  people that Raza youth and families are here to stay, not just in Oakland and through out the southwest, but on this land.  Raza have witnessed first hand the criminalization of our families, the degradation of our right to eat, to culture, to shelter, to education and to healthly living. Local, national, and international politics continue to repress our communities from speaking these realities and from living free. Our community have been under attack for over 500 years , and more recently we have seen how local policies like Gang Injunctions and federal programs like “Secure Communities” not only criminalize our gente for being brown but are also used as tool to displace our families and communities and tear our families apart. Our families and our children continue to be victims of repression and intimidation in our own homes by police forces. Despite the attacks, our people have never stopped resisting. The battle is not over and it is our duty and our need to fight back, resist and win.”

Here are a few moments that I managed to capture from Xicana Moratorium Day last Sunday.

This is the trumpet player from Tamborazo Costa Alegre. They marched off the stage and played on the grass. It was awesome. 

There was a dance contest. People really had some moves. Check out these two whose outfits and moves are coordinated. 

Xicanas in the park. 

A group picture of some of the crew from the Xicana Moratorium Coalition (XMC). XMC organizes the event every year.If you would like to see more pictures from the Xicana Moratorium Day and other community and political events visit our flickr site: