A couple of years ago Melanie Maddison interviewed several of the women artists from Justseeds Artists Collective. The interview has now been published on Aorta Magazine blog.

Here is a snippet from the interview:

Melanie Cervantes: I create because it is a process of empowerment for me. There are moments when the structures that shape my daily life frustrate me and I feel powerless to change anything. I rage at the idea that we live in a post-race, let alone a post-racist society, and I feel most powerful when I can use creativity to translate the dreams and visions of my communities for a different way of living and relating to each other, into something that we can see and hold. Making art, particularly through collaboration makes me feel like it’s possible to have a transformative movement that will change our society. My trajectory as an artist has always been as part of a collective community. I have never been isolated as I have developed my creative muscles. I like to fuse what I have learned from interdisciplinary study of racialized peoples, my art skills and my decolonizing politics in order be an “artist for the people”.


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