Though many of the “show me your papers” bills, emulating Arizona’s SB 1070,  that have popped up in states all over the country  are being killed before they make it to law there are still several states that could pass laws before the legislative sessions are over.

Despite the fact that some states have defeated these proposals there are still states facing climates of hate and racism. This design is one I created with the input of leaders from a grassroots organization that works in Tucson, Arizona where their members are taking a stand and rejecting racist, unjust policies like SB1070 as well as HB2281 which bans ethnic studies being taught in public schools. 

There was such a positive response to this graphic that I decided to create a digital print of it and make the art available to more people. My hope is that it reflects a position that rejects all forms of racism and affirms the people who are racially profiled and who are the targets of these policies that are intent on dehumanizing us.

11″ x 17″ 
1-Color, Digital Print ,  Matte Cover Paper, Printed by Inkworks Press in Berkeley, CA  2011

$10 prints available CLICK HERE TO ORDER