I gave an interview to Claudia Hernandez as part of her project “Today’s Revolutionary Women of Color”. It reveals a bunch of slices of my story and how I became the woman I am today-committed to movement building and a fighter for our collective liberation. Get a glimpse into some of what set me on my path working to contribute to a cultural renaissance in movements and a commitment to getting resources to folks organizing their communities.
What creator Claudia D. Hernandez says about “Today’s Revolutionary Women of Color”:

“I seek to curate a photography exhibit for the young girls in my community. It is my objective to photograph STRONG / SUCCESSFUL / REVOLUTIONARY women who will inspire these young girls to follow their dreams and to become who they want to be. I want young girls to learn how to recognize and overcome oppression whether it comes from government institutions, family members, or friends.

My desire is to raise awareness by planting the seeds of empowerment in the minds of young girls.

The money raised through this campaign will allow me to share these photos with my community and the world. I will also publish a book that will be given as a GIFT to every woman who attends the exhibit.

Since I will be publishing this book on my own, I have decided to work with a team consisting of an Art editor who will do the layout of the book and a book editor who will work editing the stories of resilience of each revolutionary woman. Together, we will work to produce a book and an exhibition that will not only inform, but also inspire young women to overcome any obstacle they experience throughout their lives.”