These are a couple prints from 2008 that i thought we had run out of, but I found some of these. There are about three copies of each piece available.

The Nakba print was used for the San Francisco NAKBA 60 Festival in 2008. As a Xicana artist it was really cool to be asked to design this poster, much of my work deals with solidarity especially between Palestinians and Indigenous people from the Americas, like the Zapatistas, Wounded Knee, Alcatraz. I have also created many Palestinian Solidarity posters and am happy that Palestinians like MY work and encourage me to make more of these posters.

The Stop the Raids posters was made for the ICE shut down by Youth in San Francisco on Halloween day in 2008. When I heard about the shut down I immediately thought about making a poster for the march, and worked with organizers to produce the design. We made 125 of these and gave away 100 posters, half on picket signs, to marchers.