It’s the end of the year, and at Tumis that means we produce our annual Winter portfolio. This has been a collaboration with the Taller Tupac Amaru, the prints have been designed by Tumis artist and printed by myself, the Master Printer of the Taller. In past years each artist chose a song to inspire their print, this year Tony Carranza, the Tumis Artistic Director, decided to use the theme of Hope as our inspiration. You can read more about the artists inspiration below.

We also produced a calendar that accompanied the winter portfolio, these were sent to various Tumis clients to thank them for supporting our business.


Tony Caranza’s Juntos, is centered around the following idea: “This year we witnessed an event many of us never thought would ever happen in the U.S. This has inspired and energized our vision for the future. With the hope that the tide will change for this country, the world will look on as we enter this new era. It will be up to not only our leader, but also the people to create this shift. Now is the time, we can do this together…Juntos.”
Henry Liu’s “PLU ‘09” was created with the following message in mind: PEACE = world, LOVE = ourselves, UNITY = power
Jesus Barraza’s “Keep Struggling” is a portrait of a young Martin Luther King Jr., his image is used as a reminder of the Freedom Movement of the 1960s and is a call to all organizers to keep struggling and working to bring change to the world we live in.
Favianna Rodriguez’s “Invisible Sun” deals with transition and reflection. The composition incorporates symbols of indigenous Inca culture, as well as a reference to the large metropolitan areas we live in today. In key moments of history, artists, cultural workers, dancers, and musicians – have all played a key role in the transformation of societies. This piece celebrates women artists in particular.