Tides hosted its third Momentum Conference – an invitational forum where some of the most creative minds in the progressive movement come together to challenge, inspire and energize each other.

Momentum 2008 is designed for leaders and will be a dynamic and diverse group of no more than 300 forward-thinking philanthropists, activists and social entrepreneurs.

Momentum had a unique format and will not attempt to cover all the bases, all the issues, or all the strategies of concern to progressives. What we DO want to do is to focus the spotlight on new, surprising, innovative perspectives and ideas, and the actions that lead to change.

The Taller Tupac Amaru participated in Momentum because it believes that there has never been a movement for social change without the arts – posters in particular – being central to those movements. Protest posters flaunt their politics and court discussion. They can deepen compassion and commitment, ignite outrage, elicit laughter, and provoke action. The power of the poster is that it is produced in multiples, and therefore can be easily distributed for all to see. We hope to bring new life to political posters and saw Momentum as a space where seeds of new ideas will germinate.