I’m heading to Barcelona, Spain for the Decolonizing Knowledge and Power Summer School in July. Now I have to prepare to be ready academically (I have a bunch of books & articles to read) and fundraise so I can get there because going to Europe is pretty expensive.
I am really excited about participating in this program, it will give me the opportunity to work with some awesome academics and artists whose work has been super important in Chican@ Studies and Decolonial thinking. I believe it will give me some great tools to really move my art practice forward as well as my writing and the way I approach issues Xicana people are facing in embracing an indigenous past and future.

To prepare for this I am looking to my community for help to get there by asking for financial support. The total cost for this program is $4,200, that includes tuition, room, airfair and hopefully snacks! If there is any way you are able to assist, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

You can makde a donation here: https://www.gofundme.com/7m80tc

You can read about the program here: https://www.dialogoglobal.com/barcelona/