SFAI Urban Studies, the Indigenous Arts Coalition, and Student Union Present

Indigenous Arts & Activism Lecture with Melanie Cervantes and Jesus Barraza of Dignidad Rebelde.

Wednesday, April 25th, 7PM-10PM
San Francisco Art Institute Lecture Hall
800 Chestnut Street San Francisco, CA. 94133

Opening blessings by Point Arena Pomo Dancers 7:30pm.

Dignidad Rebelde is a graphic arts collaboration between Oakland-based artist-activists Jesus Barraza and Melanie Cervantes. Grounded in Third World and Indigenous movements their visual work encompasses people’s power to transform the conditions of fragmentation, displacement and loss of culture. Representing social movements through visual art means connecting struggles and seeking to inspire solidarity among communities worldwide.

Free food from Casa Latina Bakery!

Contact: drodriguez@artists.sfai.edu or 510-485-2612.
Workshop will follow during SFAI’s Open Studios on April 28th 2-5pm with Native Youth Leaders and Undocumented Youth from 67 Sueños.


Also, Saturday, April 28th at 9:30 AM-10:50AM

Melanie Cervantes will be speaking at the 22nd Annual California Studies Conference-How Democratic Is California”.

“Popular Media Organizing: From Posters to Blogs” Lincoln Cushing, moderator and presenter; Melanie Cervantes (graphic artist and co-founder of Dignidad Rebelde), Keith Kamisugi (communications director, Equal Justice Society.

Other panels will include presentations on subjects such as:

  • A Century of Progressivism: The Mixed Legacy of 1911
  • The Underrepresented: People of Color in Electoral Politics
  • Government by Proposition: More Harm than Good?
  • It’s All About the Money: The Corruptions of Public Finance
  • The Decline of Public Education and the Erosion of Democracy
  • Citizenship and its Discontents: Denial of Rights, from Japanese Internment to Anti-Terrorism
  • Where is the Popular Protest? Grassroots Activism in Hard Times
  • Popular Media Organizing: From Posters to the Blogisphere

CSA thanks the California Council for the Humanities for funding to support documentation of this event.

Registration $40 general, $20 students/low-income;
Early registration (by March 30) $35 general, $15 students/ low-income
Registration includes lunch and CSA membership, as well as guided tour of “All Of Us Or None: Social Justice Posters of the San Francisco Bay Area” exhibition by curator

Venue: Oakland Museum, Location: 1000 Oak Street, Oakland