Screenprinting Supplies


For any Cricut supplies such as replacement blades, additional mats etcs you can go to purchase items at Cricut, Michaels or Joann or any of their brick and mortar stores.



Oracal 651 vinyl is the best vinyl for screenprinting. There are alot of other brands of vinyl and we recommend using the Oracal 651 because the adhesive glue on it is pretty strong and will stick to the screen really well. 

I routinely check Ebay for sellers who have good deals. They change all the time. Search “oracal 651 vinyl roll 12″ x 50 yard”

If you are in a pinch and only need a couple of sheets you can get a small roll of the same vinyl here but it is WAY more expensive (per sheet). Use a coupon if you can. 



If you want large quantities this art store has the best prices for gallons. It is much more economical to buy in this size if you use ink regularly:

If you want to buy quarts you will want:

Speedball Permanent Acrylic Screen Printing Ink (NOT Water Soluble) 

This ink is available at: Blick Art Materials and Artist and Craftsman if you want to buy locally or online. Both brick and mortar stores provide student/educator discounts.  

You will also need Speedball Extender base (NOT transparent base) available at Art Supplies Wholesale or Blick Art Supplies or Jerrys Artarama



This is the paper we used in the class.

Cougar 100 lbs. Digital Smooth Cover, 18″ x 12″, White, 400/Case at Staples

You can also purchase the same box here at Office Depot

There is also a slightly smaller 11”x 17” case of the same kind of paper at Office Depot


Local shops where you can pick up paper:

Kelly Paper, locations in Hayward and San Francisco

We also recommend using Canson XL Watercolor paper if you want a fancier art surface that is somewhat affordable.

Available at Blick Art Materials and Michaels:

Or Vision Watercolor paper available at Blick Art Materials or Michaels  

Tracing paper: We use Canson Artist Series Tracing Paper Pads, available at Blick Art Materials, but you can use any tracing paper you prefer. Tracing paper is widely available.



These can be ordered online from Gold Up or picked up locally at their location in Newark. We recommend using aluminum screens as wooden screens tend to warp. 

Registration E tabs are available from McLogan.



Anthem Screenprinting is a local screenprinting supply shop in San Francisco. This is where we got your squeegees. They have other kinds of supplies but they are mostly geared for t-shirt and garment printing.


Tape for temporary blocking. 

Polyken Tape for permanent blocking is at Midwest in Hayward or it can be shipped via their website. They were recently bought by another company so I recommend calling to see what they have in stock locally first.  You only need this when you get new screens to create a border around the back edge of the screen.


Speedball Hinge clamps

If you want to build additional tabletop print boards you can buy them here. Home Depot is not our favorite vendor to shop from but the other vendors who previously had the table tops available sold out at the time of compiling this list.