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In early August we had the opportunity to work with Cee Palalagi an artist from Aotearoa, she was in the Bay Area as part of the Emerging Indigenous Voices artists residencey. Cee stayed in town a few days extra after the residency ended and came to work on a print with us. She had some ideas about what she wanted to do and worked quick to put her drawings down on paper, then we digitized everything and put the composition together and printed out seperations in under 12 hours. We really like the work she is doing and were happy to work with her on this piece, here is what she wrote about her print.

My print portrays a Kaitiaki = protective guardian.  The Kaitiaki is a reminder to to never forget your roots and where you come from. The Kaitiaki also wears a fitted cap which represents our connection to all things of the spiritual and physical world. The female figure on the cap is called Hawaiiki, she embodies the essence of Tino Rangatiratanga -Self Determination.