This week we printed over 600 posters that we have taken out to events and actions to give away to the community. We want to thank everyone who donated money and helped make these posters possible, It felt very good to have support from the community. Thank You!!!

We printed 200 of the “Oakland is Occupied Ohlone Land” posters for Occupy Oakland and we’ve have been out to Oscar Grant Plaza a few times distributing posters. We still have a bunch left and will be out there in the evenings giving out posters.

We also made 200 anti-war posters for the “Foreclose on Wall Street West” action organized by Causa Justa/Just Cause.

Four posters were printed for the “Foreclose on Wall Street West” action, the poster designed for the evnt was made by Josh Warren-White from Design Action. The posters designed by Melanie had been made as downloads to have on our website and Causa Justa/Just Cause asked if they could print the designs to have for their action. The three posters were printed by Inkworks press, who we love and are happy when ever our work is printed there.

We printed 250 Indian Land posters that we took with us to the Indigenous People’s Day sunrise ceremony at Alcatraz. The first time I printed these I worked with Nancy Hernandez to create the design and make some t-shirts to sell as a fundraiser for Peace and Dignity Journeys. The image on the silk screen was big enough for posters, so i made about 40 of them and youth from Tojil sold them at the Alcatraz sunrise ceremony in 2004. This time around Melanie and I took these mini-posters to give away to community who attended the sunrise ceremony.