In 2006 I connected with the Chiapas Support Committee after hearing about a event they were planning to raise money to support Zapatista educational projects in Chiapas. I decided to create a poster for them, inspired by La Otra Campaña I designed a poster for them and screen printed an edition to donate and be sold as a fundraiser at their event as a way to help and give back for all the hope they have given me for the world. Since the uprising in 1994 I have been inspired by the Zapatistas and their work for autonomy and self determination in Chiapas and education is an important part of that work, and this fundraiser helped youth get an education that through government channels they have not been afforded. This opportunity to help was important to me, the work people have done in Chiapas has been a big inspiration to me and has influenced the way I look at the world. They helped me develop a indigenous Internationalist world view that places indigenous people from around the world as the ones who should be in control of the lands that their ancestors have been taking care of for generations. Additionally the Zapatistas helped me understand that although globalization and neo-imperialism are trying to take over the world there is still a place for resistance and they have inspired people all over the world to believe the same and inspire them continue struggling to build a better world.

This summer i was approached to to help the Chiapas Support Committee and asked to create and donate a screen printed poster to help with their annual fundraising event, I was really excited to help and decided to give them part of a new edition that I designed this summer. The print is of a Zapatista woman from Chiapas, the photo i used for reference was given to me over 1o years ago to use for a design but I had never had an idea for it until now. I was very honored to have been asked to help in this way and know that the first poster helped raise funds that were sent to Chiapas and helped communities who have been a huge inspiration to me.

– jesus

Here is some information about the event:

Chiapas Support Committee – Annual Fundraising Event
Sunday, October 14, 2012, 4:30 PM
Humanist Hall
390 27th Street, Oakland, California

Here are some photos of the printing process, this was the first time in almost a month that i had been in the studio and wanted to share how we produce the posters we make.

Mixing inks can be one of the most time consuming things, trying to get the right color and make sure you mix enough so it doesn’t run out in the middle of the run is super important.

The first color down and drying on the racks, the best thing about this print is the inks work with the color of the paper.

Second color down, this color lays the shadows for the final color along with adding more background designs.

Printing the third color, making sure that the registration is right on.

The final piece completed, all three colors down, i leave these to dry overnight to make sure that they are completely dry before I stack them.