Order the screen print of Mis Semillitas by clicking here

Mis Semillitas is a portrait of a mother in the late stages of her pregnancy. This piece is based on a piece I painted in 2005 when I just getting started as a practicing artist. I only have one snapshot of the painting (that I no longer have access to) and I really wanted to revisit and recreate the piece. This time I translated the piece using  more bold, flat color and I create a new palate of colors for it.

In order to create a new pallet for the print- I decided to paint a mock up using more painterly strokes to create the piece. I am still in the process of putting the finishing touched on the painting but I wanted to share what I have so far.

I really enjoyed creating this piece. I reflecting on all the friends who are having babies and the joy that emanates from them and tried to capture that in this piece. If you would like to see the original painting click