This year, 2012, there was so much build up as May Day approached. Historically the day is an international celebration of workers and labor movement. Since 2006 when a mass scale boycott was called by migrants and solidarity groups , May Day has become a call for policy reform. Now, the movement of th 99% which emerged and was inspired by the Occupy encampments added another layer of calls for change which range from financial systems reform to a call for a whole new economic system which values people and the planet before profits.

– Melanie

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San Francisco Fabulous!

Chinese Progressive Association with posters I designed for them.

We made it across the Bay to Oakland. This marcher picked up a poster I designed and had a shirt on Jesus and I designed in 2007.

The future of our movements. Rice and Beans cuties.

This woman was so impassioned by the marchers.

All of the marches and people in the streets converge at San Antonio Park in Oakland.