Forward Together recently invited me and over half a dozen other artist to create e-cards for Mama’s Day. The goal was to create cards that addressed that gap that the greeting-card-industrial-complex left many of the people who have mothered us in. The project allowed me to reach deep into my heart and create pieces that honor the love and caregiving that don’t feel appropriately addressed through frilly laced declarations that are doused with flowers and cheesy stock sentiments.

The Strong Families Initiative is celebrating “Mama’s Day” with a custom e-card tool that gives all mothers and families a chance to be visible. The site provides eighteen templates by artists likeKirby Platero, Nikki McClure, Micah Bizant, Veronica Bayetti Flores  and myself that feature motherhood in all its diversity, with space for you to write a personalized message and email it to the mother of your choice.

– Melanie