2009 has been an incredible year of growth for me. My growth would not be possible without the communities that I am a part of helping to nurture me. Recently I was asked to have my work included in POOR magazine’s newest book Los Viajes. 

The book is filled with stories of our peoples journeys and struggles as well as stories of our resilience and beauty. I was really excited to send a copy of this book to my parents. I knew they would read the stories and relate our family stories to the ones captured in this book. Tales of journeys through desserts and working in hotels, of deportation and revolution, of crossing borders and falling in love. These are our stories.

Please support POOR magazine and order your copy today.

For a year and a half POOR Magazine conducted free bi-lingual, multi-generational, art and writing workshops in shelters, schools and community centers with migrant poverty scholars from across the globe to be included in the audio and print anthology called Los Viajes … Los Viajes introduces a new lens on migration of peoples across Pacha Mama informed by the UN Declaration on Indigenous Peoples

Por un ano y medio Prensa POBRE ha conducido talleres de arte y escritura, bilingues y multi-generacional gratis en refugios, escuelas, y centros comunitarios con sabios de la pobreza y emigracion de todo el mundo, para ser incluidos en esta antologia imprimada y grabada, llamada Los Viajes. Los Viajes introduce un lente nuevo sobre la emigracion y la inmigracion de la gente a traves la Pacha Mama informado por la Declaracion de las Naciones Unidas sobre la Gente Indigena.

You can order one here.