On February 11th, Longest Walk participants set off on a 5 month journey that will take them across the country to Washington DC, the walk is being coordinated in the North by Jimbo Simmons. This walk is for the Seventh Generations, for the youth, for peace, for justice, for the healing of Mother Earth and the healing of our people. There is also one very important message that is being spread by the Longest Walk 2, that the protection of our people’s sacred sites is important to our people’s past and future.

To honor the people’s journey and to help them out with some thing that can be used for fundraising, Francisco Dominguez and I worked to design a poster for the walkers. Francisco has been working with the walkers to document the walk with his photography, and when the idea for a poster came up, he was quick to lend his photos for the project. Together we worked to design and a print a poster that we hope will both help document the Walk and help them fundraise some much needed funds.

To learn more about the walk check out their blog here.