This was originally posted by John Carr on about the latest print i completed at Self Help Graphics in East Los Angeles.


The latest in Self Help Graphics’ political print series is from activist printmaker and digital artist Jesus Barraza. Jesus is a co-founder and member of Taller Tupac Amaru, a print studio in Oakland, California that produces and distributes screen-printed political posters and fosters “resurgence in the screen-printing medium for social change.” He also works with fellow Taller Tupac Amaru artist Melanie Cervatnes on a project called Dignidad Rebelde, “a space for collaboration and artistc skill-sharing that is grounded in a Xicana worldview and fueled by their collective desire to support grassroots organizing for social justice.” Jesus brings the Xicana flare to Self Help’s political print series with “Las Flores,” a vibrant five-color portrait that reflects his mission for social justice. From his artist’s statement:
This piece is dedicated to all the people of Iran who have been protesting in the streets struggling for the self determination to decide the future of their own government and country. It is also important to put this struggle within a contemporary context where people in the global south are struggling to build a better world, one in which decisions are no longer made with only those who control capital in mind.

Jesus Barraza's Self Help Graphics print.

Final print.

Jesus' print on Self Help studios rack.

Final prints on rack.

Josue and Joe work on Jesus Barraza's political print.

Josue and Joe in progress.

Master printer Joe at Self Help

Joe rockin’ it.

Joe and Josue print at Self Help Graphics.

Josue and Joe.

Master printer Joe Alpuche Josue.

Joe and his paparazzi.

Jesus Barraza mixes colors for political print.

Jesus mixing colors.

Jesus mixes colors at Self Help.

Jesus mixes colors.

Josue checks a screen for Jesus's print.

Josue checking a screen.

A look inside Self Help's ink cabinet.

Self Help’s ink cabinet.

Color swatches for Jesus Barraza print.

Color swatches.

Jesus, Joe, and Josue working at Self Help.

Jesus with the SHG guys.

Joe printing green for Barraza political print.


Josue and Joe check their Self Help work.

Josue and Joe.

Next post will be about fellow Taller Tupac Amaru artist Melanie Cervantes.