Just printed this poster for a friend of mine, Jesse Hernandez. I first met Jesse trading some toys, getting one of his Kaniza’s that had been released earlier this year. I really liked his work, i was psyched to see a Xicano do some cool vinyl toys, cause there aren’t many. I put myself out there and offered to print a poster some time, well he actually took me up on the offer to print some thing for the Minigod release at Munky King in LA.

He showed me a few images, and after talking he picked one to run with and he came back with a 8 color print. I was a little overwhelmed, but it looked dope and I’m always down for a challenge. The final product came out pretty dope. I was proud to print for a homie who’s coming up in the urban vinyl world…keep an eye out for this brother he’s got a lot of projects coming up.

check him out here


– jesus