I am really happy to share my newest project. I have worked with Enlace on the first phase of their Prison Divestment Campaign and I am happy to share a poster for the next phase of work connecting movements.

Enlace is a strategic alliance of low-wage worker centers, unions, and community organizations in Mexico and in the U.S. They support their member organizations through capacity building trainings and strategic campaigning.

Enlace works to create cross border and multiracial coalitions across sectors to build a stronger international peoples movement for self-determination. Their work will tip the power balance back to the working people.

The Prison Divestment Campaign began in 2011 from the need to launch a comprehensive strategy to decriminalize immigrants and demilitarize the border. It was not only Politicians that they needed to target, but also Private Prisons and Wall Street who were the other powerful force behind immigrant detention and deportation.

The Campaign has since expanded, looking at how the private prison industry works to divide communities of color. They are building strong multiracial coalitions, emphasizing Black and Brown unity, to combat mass incarceration and immigration enforcement.

Enlace brings together organizations working on immigrant rights, criminal justice, another social justice groups to end mass incarceration and achieve legalization for all migrants.