An Emergency Community Forum that will be held Wednesday, February 4th, 6:30 PM at Intertribal Friendship House, 523 International Blvd Oakland, CA 94606.

This forum is being organized in preparation for the Police Citizens Review Meeting which will take place the following evening on Thursday, February 5th,  at 6PM.

This forum is being held in support of the Moppin family and all those that have been affected by police brutality/death.

On Wednesday February 4, 2009, Intertribal Friendship House will host a community forum in response to the continued police brutality as mad light in the recent shooting of Oscar Grant III. One year earlier, another fatal police shooting took place on New Years Eve. On December 31st at 7:33 PM, officers of the Oakland Police Department fatally shot Andre Moppin in the back. Andrew Moppin (Comanche/Klamath), a young unarmed 20-year-old man, had a $411 warrant out for his arrest for evading BART fare. Six months after Officer Hector Jimenez shot and killed Andre Moppin, Jody “Mack” Woodfox III, 27, was also fatally shot in the back by
the same officer of the Oakland Police Department. He was also found to be unarmed. The fatal shootings of Andrew Moppin, Jody “Mack” Woodfox III and Oscar Grant III are not isolated incidents and a reality in our communities of continued police brutality. Speakers will share a list of demands including:

1) Officer Hector Jimenez be taken off paid administrative leave for shooting of two unarmed men of color and held accountable.

2)  The resignation of District Attorney DA Tom Orloff.

3) That the U.S. Justice Department investigates the incident as violation of civil rights;

4) Family Members and Friends of the Moppin and Woodfox families and all those that have been affected by police brutality have access to Healing Justice resources that are culturally sensitive to their needs.

5) Accountability on why it took one year to release the police report detailing the incident of the shooting of Andrew Moppin.

Dinner and banner making supplies will be provided. (Melanie will be facilitating a community painted banner in honor and memory of Andrew and Jesus will be screenprinting posters live during the forum).

For more info contact: Morning Star Gali