In May I had the opportunity to visit the Interference Archive in Brooklyn, New York. The Archive came into existence in 2004, developing from Dara Greenwald and Josh MacPhee’s personal collections of Books, Posters and ephemera produced by social movements from around the world.

It was really great to have time to pull stacks of books from the shelves and find countless books I’ve never seen before. A couple poster books that I really loved were about the Organizacion de Solidaridad Asia, Africa y America Latina (OSPAAAL) and the Paris 1968 student strike, these two books were full of oversize color images, there was really a lot of pieces that inspireed me. Oh so much to see.

Left: OSPAAAL poster about Cuba’s participation in the 1968 Mexico Olympics. Right: Paris 68 poster – The Police Post Themselves in the Fine Arts School, The Fine Arts School Sticks Posters In The Street.


A couple of posters from the Polish Poster Art & the Western book. This book had a lot of western movie posters with Native Americans as the main image, so much better than the actual films I bet.


A couple of Rad book covers about Cuban Revolutionaries.

Left: Cool street art book from the 1980s. Right: Poster from a 1990s Street Art book.