We are making plans to make screen print posters for “The 99% Take Over” at the Wells Fargo Annual Shareholder Meeting on April 24th.

Why Wells Fargo?

Wells Fargo profits at the cost of our communities:

•    America’s Biggest Tax Dodger – Hoarding billions of tax dollars that should be paying for public services and putting America back to work
•    Leads in Foreclosure – Continuing to foreclose on families in an economy it helped to ruin
•    Predatory Lender – Targeting those who can least afford it with exploitive mortgages and payday lending,especially low-income communities of color
•    Corrupting our Democracy – Protecting its profits by quadrupling spending on lobbying since the financial crisis began
•    Prison Profiteer – Profiting from increased incarceration by investing heavily in for-profit prison corporations and anti-immigrant legislation


As a small art collective Dignidad Rebelde works diligently to create work that translates people’s stories into art that can be put back into the hands of the communities who inspire it. We have printed thousands of posters since we started –many of which have reached the streets as pickets signs, reached schools as tools for education and reached community organizations as reflections of unity and solidarity.  We do this work as grassroots artists whose love for our communities and struggles drive our work every day. We do this work by reaching into our pockets to sustain and fund the work we do to make sure the people have access to this art.

We don’t get grants or make big bucks from this work. We reach into our pockets and pull out what we can to keep this going. We do it because life is too short to live without justice and love and this method of making art for the people is the best way we know to help in the work. We believe we can be stronger and more responsive when we have the support from our communities… those communities who we, in turn, support with art and are asking for your help today.

Please make a donation to help us sustain the work of putting art into the people’s hands.

$10 Buys twenty picket sticks

$25 Buys a quart of ink to print posters

$50 Buys 100 sheets of paper

$100 Buys 150, 11” x17” full color, union printed, offset posters

$250 Buys enough supplies to put 250 poster-picket signs into the hands of the people!