Date: May 5, 2018
Location: Amor Eterno, 1227 18th Avenue, Oakland, CA 94606

The Culture of Star Wars art exhibition curated by Amy George Cortez and Chamuco Cortez

Star Wars has developed into a powerful element of our cultural identity. Constantly weighing the light and the dark, republic vs the empire, it mimics our struggles and our politics. In every culture, the Hero of 1,000 faces appears in its oral history. A hero goes on a life changing adventure to oppose strange forces. In this unusual world, the hero faces their opposition and is victorious! Returning home they share the power and the knowledge they have gained from this fantastic adventure with their community.

Growing up in Oakland, you know what it’s like to grow up in Tattooine. Obi Wan Kenobi said Mos Eisley was a “Retched hive of scum and villainy” much like the media portrays the Oakland we grew up in. What are the parallels you find in your own life in Star Wars? We asked 22 artists to explore their own culture of Star Wars and how the films have influenced their creativity.

Opening receptionSaturday May 5th 7-11pm

Exhibition datesMay 5th – June 30th 2018

Dance performances by Adrián Funky Fyutz Fuentes and Bone Braking DJ

Tacos by the Hernandez Familia

Mural in Solano Alley at 18th Ave by Urban Aztec Jesse Hernandez

Photo booth by Amor Eterno Arte


Featured Artists:

Jesus Barraza, Bryan Blanco,  Billy Boston, Renee Castro, Melanie Cervante, Oscar Cisneros,Justen Cortese,Chamuco Cortez,DONE, Paco Excel,Paco Garcia, Jesse Hernandez, James Lawrence,Leslie DIME Lopez ,MERX, PEPS357, Qetza, Sam Rodriguez ,Marie Scherping, Jillian Silva, STASH, Ques Williams