It’s been 18 days since the Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip began, since that time there have been 883 deaths and sadly more than a third have been women and children (85 women and 284 children). It seems that the Israeli attacks on the Gaza population have been indiscriminate, missiles have fallen on homes and schools where many civilians have been pummeled. The world is witness to the countless atrocities that are happening, there have been protests all over the world, people expressing their outrage over the war crimes that are occurring. It is even more difficult to think that it is very well possible that Israel will face no consequences and all the countries crimes will go unpunished.

Yesterday the U.N. Human Rights Council issued a statement about the situation in Gaza, condemning Israel for “grave violations” of human rights. The statement said that the council “strongly condemns the ongoing Israeli military operations… which have resulted in massive violations of human rights of the Palestinian people and systematic destruction of the Palestinian infrastructure.” Another outcome was that Secretary General is going to Gaza to investigate the targeting of UN facilities and schools this Wednesday.

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