This month, marks the 15-year anniversary of the implementation of harsh immigration laws (including the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act) that have led to the detention and deportation of millions of immigrants. In order to help raise awareness about the impact mandatory detention is having on communities and society at large Detention Watch Network and Dignidad Rebelde have joined forces to create a graphic campaign to call attention to this pressing issue. To help raise awareness about the impact of these laws on mandatory detention policy we are asking DWN members and allies to distribute the attached poster.

Download Poster Here

How to Spread the Word:

  • Make the poster your Facebook profile picture and send out via Twitter
  • Upload the poster to your website and blog
  • Send the poster or this email to your networks
  • Print the poster for distribution at May Day events – please contact if you need assistance

The poster features Nazry Mustakim and his wife Hope. Nazry, a 31-year-old green card holder from Singapore, was held in immigration detention for 10 months at the South Texas Detention Center in Pearsall, Texas. Due to laws passed in 1996, Nazry’s prior drug conviction subjected him to mandatory detention, which meant that he could not be released on bond. After ten months of hardship and separation and unrelenting advocacy by Hope, his family and community, Nazry has been released from detention and is back home. However, Nazry’s story is exemplary of the injustices immigrants face in detention daily. We must act now and raise awareness to repeal mandatory detention to stop unjust detentions.

For more about Nazry and Hope’s story please click here.

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