We just went to check out El Violin, this film was recommended by a couple friends who had seen it and were spreading the word about it. It’s a film about rebellion in rural communities in Mexico and the story of three generations of street musicians, led by the grandfather who plays the violin. The story is set in 1970s Mexico during an era of campesino revolts when people were taking up arms against the government.

This movie is very moving and the story is very relevant to the situation in Mexico today, where communities are still taking up arms against an oppressive government. Where communities are struggling to be recognized as a part of society, they continue fighting for human rights such as democracy, housing, food, health, peace and justice.

One thing that it inspired me to do was work on some prints about young people, most prints I have done are of adults. The film made me think of all the youth that end up in the middle of conflicts, many times these kids have no choice and the battles that are being fought are for their futures.

Take a look at the trailer here.

– Jesus