While hanging out with our friend Nikol, melanie and I were introduced to Kid Robot’s Dunny Aztecas. We fell in love with these toys right away! We went on ebay that night to see what we could find…we found so many cool toys.

After more investigation we found that this line was one in a series of Dunny toys. This series featured artists and designers from Mexico, and was co-sponsored by HQRT. I think it is  the best series.  These toys rock!

So we crazy and bought a bunch of Dunny Azteca’s: The Quetzalcoatl and Zapata/Marcos are my favorites. I fell in love with these toys. We have collected 9 of the 18 figures and are still trying to get the rest…maybe one day we will have a complete set.

But this was just the beginning… on our trip to L.A. we went to Kid Robot to see what else they sell, and of course they had so much more…oh so many toys! The next series i fell in love with was the DOMA Acids. These are designed by DOMA, a firm out of Argentina. These Figures are so cute, my favorites are the World and the Barrel (which is super hard to get).

We also picked up some Munny’s, which are blank toys that we can paint, I’ve started working on a Frida Munny and will post pictures once i start painting it.