The National Association for Ethnic Studies Association will be hosting it’s 42nd annual conference, “Research as Ceremony: Decolonizing Ethnic Studies” April 3rd-5th, 2014, Mills College.

I am very happy to share the posters I was commissioned to design for th conference and for a convocation happening during the conference.
To Register for the Conference Please go to:

To register for the Friday Night Convocation Co-Hosted by NAES & DataCenter for Research Justice with Chief Caleen Audrey Sisk, Dr. Jason Ferreira, Dr. Angela Davis, with Moderator Miho Kim, Please go to

Dignidad Rebelde will be participating on April 5th Conference on two presentations at Mills College

2:15 PM Ethnic Studies and Community Action

This workshop discusses the connection between Ethnic Studies and community organizing. The participants are graduates of Ethnic Studies and dynamic organizers.They fight against multiple forms of oppression and promote effective insurgency. One member is a recent grad Justin Blea, an effective student organizer. Another is an Oakland based graphic arts collaborative Dignidad Rebelde. Their political poster art is used in local, national and international rallies. Currently their work is used in the Justice for Andy Lopez campaign. The third member, Jose Malvido, is the chief organizer for North America section of the Peace and Dignity Journeys, which promotes indigenous sovereignty, spirituality, and destruction of borders that keep them apart. This indigenous run starts from Alaska and Tierra del Fuego simultaneously, meeting in Central America and happens every four years. Carlos Salomon is professor of Ethnic Studies at CSU East Bay.

4PM Creating Healthy Communities through Art,Activism, Urban Beautification,and Prison Abolition
This will be a multidisciplinary panel that showcases multiple voices of the Bay Area. Participants will share their political work primarily political organizing through art, activism, and prison abolition. We aim to demonstrate how local artists and activists are creating sustainable strategies that keep our neighborhoods safe and strong, and what “real safety” looks like without the use of police and prisons. Participants will share a Participatory Action Research and Photo voice project with residents from San Antonio neighborhood in East Oakland; graffiti artists from the Community Rejuvenation Project sharing how theirmurals cultivate healthy communities through public art, beautification, education & celebration; and Critical Resistance Oakland will share how prison industrial complex abolition includes mobilizing residents to resist violent policing policies and practices such as gang injunctions and youth curfews.