We are very happy about the critical acclaim we have received for our recently closed exhibit Dignidad Rebelde: The Art of Protest. We appreciate the role that critics can play in promoting the political art that we are producing. We believe that this art needs to be seen in the streets, in our community centers, classrooms, storefronts and in traditional and alternative art spaces. Any help we can get having more eyes see it is much appreciated.

Fellow artist and collector, freelance art writer, educator, and curator Dewitt Chang wrote a short piece for the East Bay Express  he was the same writer who covered story and exhibit which touched the history of rejection/pre-censorship by the curator of Berkeley’s Addison Windows.

In the April 22nd edition of El Tecolote newspaper we had the fortune of having our work be featured as a center spread. The spread was made up of select pieces from the show.

El Tecolote started in 1970 as a bi-monthly, bilingual, four-page tabloid with a press run of 5,000. Their primary goal was to provide a vehicle of information and organization to the Chicano/Latino communities of the Bay Area, articulating it’s social, cultural, political and economic needs through our ongoing and timely coverage of issues.

Today, El Tecolote is a community institution serving San Francisco’s Mission district. They are still bilingual and now publish biweekly – every other Thursday. The 16-page newspaper has a press run of 10,000.

El Tecolote has also established itself as an effective training ground for aspiring Latino journalists. Through their hands-on journalistic training and a series of writing workshops, interns have gotten jobs with the West Palm Beach Post, Los Angeles Times, Sacramento Bee, San Diego Tribune, Contra Costa Times, Modesto Bee and the Center for Investigative Reporting.

They are also a founding member of New California Media, a 700-membership network of ethnic news media which has recently changed its name to New America Media and has gone nationwide. They are also a member of the San Francisco Neighborhood Newspaper Association, a group of 13 neighborhood-based newspapers.

Accion Latina, a non-profit based in the Mission district, publishes El Tecolote newspaper.