In September of 2009 we collaborated with Mujeres Activas y Unidas (MUA) to create a poster for the National Domestic Worker Congress, an event organized by National Domestic Workers Alliance. We loved the poster developed for the conference and were honored to be part of such a historic event that drew organizers from throughout the country and the world.

Last year while we attended the US Social Forum we heard news of the passing of a “Domestic Workers Bill of Rights” in Albany New York, which made New York the first state to recognize the rights of Domestic Workers. Inspired by this victory women in California have launched their own campaign for a California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights. We have been very proud that they continue to use our image for their organizing materials and we hope the the bill will pass in California and make it the second state to recognize the rights of Domestic Workers and inspire others to do the same in their state.

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