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This is a new screen printed poster for “After The Gold Rush: Reflections and Postscripts on the National Chicano Moratorium of August 29th, 1970” an exhibit at the Vincent Price Art Museum in Los Angeles. This print is a collaboration with Melanie Cervantes. I used one of her photos of Karen, a young organizer from the Xicana Moratorium Coalition, taken at the Stop the Gang Injunctions rally at Frank Ogawa Plaza in Downtown Oakland, March 2011.

I had a lot ideas for this design, but I was certain that I wanted to have a woman represented in the image. When I found Melanie’s image I was really excited because I thought it was a great idea to feature an image of a young organizer who at the forefront of organizing against one of the biggest issues affecting our communities: Gang Injunctions. Throughout California and the rest of the country, youth of color in our communities are being targeted and criminalized and getting caught up in the criminal “justice” system.

This was a really fun poster to design, I was really honored to have our poster represent an exhibit with such a impressive line up of artists from the greater L.A. area.

This is the photo I used for the poster, you can see more of Melanie’s pictures from the Stop the Gang Injunctions Rally here at our Flickr page.

This is just before the last color was printed, if you notice the pink at the bottom this was also printed underneath the light blue to achieve the pattern effect in the background.This is a cool way to get extra color with out having to print another layer.

This is the screen used to print the last color.