Dignidad Rebelde reetly designed the cover, using art created by artist Santaigo Armengod, of a DVD that the Global JusticeEcology Project and Global Forest Coalition is releasing on REDD.

As policies and programs to Reduce Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD) and to enhance forest carbon stocks (REDD+) are promoted around the world by global and national elites, Indigenous Peoples and other forest-dependent communities are raising the alarm that these programs will have serious negative impacts – and will not reduce the cascading threats of the climate crisis.

With interviews and testimonies from:

Mexico, Brazil, Panama, Philippines,Indonesia, Nepal, Uganda, India, and California.

In Spanish & with English Subtitles

Extras:REDD: the Greed for Trees, Amador Hernández,
Chiapas: Starved of Medical Services for REDD +

in Spanish & with English Subtitles

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