I was recently asked by the planning committee of Youth Together’s Ethnic Studies Conference to design the t-shirt for the upcoming gather. Youth Together was the first organization whose social justice work I became familiar with when I moved to the Bay Area from Los Angeles. During my short time at UC Berkeley I helped on the planning committee and in follow years helped support as much as I can. I majored in Ethnic Studies at UC Berkeley and truly believe in our pursuit of liberation from structures of oppression that we must learn our histories to understand where we are going.

8th Annual

Ethnic Studies Conference

March 10th, 2009

8:30 am Registration Time

San Francisco State University

The major goal of the conference is to promote and introduce high school students to ethnic studies and higher education. Students of color access to higher education are diminishing due to the current attacks on public education. We want to illustrate to students what real history is and what education should really be like. We’ve been successfully providing such important opportunity for over 6,000 students over the last 7 years. For 2009, we’re bringing the conference back to San Francisco State University, where 40 years ago students organized for the creation of Ethnic Studies. We believe that there is a crucial need to readdress history and to provide education that empowers our people to fight for justice and that all this should be done in creative and innovative ways.

***Please contact Jamileh Ebrahimi if you have any questions or concerns regarding registration, volunteering, conducting a workshop, etc. @ 510-645-9209 x. 305 or ethnicstudiesconference@riseup.net***