DC5x5 – Home is Where the Heart Is

Collaboration with Mazatl

Looking Back is a graphic mural activating a separation wall on the corner of 1st and N Street in NoMa in Washington DC and is part of the larger 5 x 5 project. Curator Stephanie Sherman invited Dignidad Rebelde to participate in the 5 x 5 project.

The NoMa neighborhood has recently undergone intensive development and will experience more as the entire city grows. This mural combines stenciled pieces and painted patterns and prints with portraits of youth to call attention to the community that has called the area home for at least three generations as well as animals native to the area who have recently been deemed extinct. The piece confronts the threat of displacement caused by gentrification and reasserts a claim by residents over their home.

Title: Looking Back, Seeing Forward ( Home Is Where the Heart Is) Materials: Acrylic paint, spray paint
Dimensions: 120’ x 5’
Date: August 2014