The Youth Will…

Palestinian Youth Movement


We created this poster to honor the beginnings of the Palestinian Youth Movement. One of our original quintessential taglines is “Until Return and Liberation”. This phrase came out of the our founding politics and drive to create a movement of Palestinian youth that takes the fight into their own hands and persists until we are both liberated and able to return to our homelands. The PYM was founded as a transnational organization with members in different countries, with different positionalities, contending with different modes of displacement and societal condition. Centering our core demands around liberation, however envisioned, and return succinctly describes the vision our founders had in mind when founding our movement. The image itself plays on these reflections and intentionally plays with time and space, the contemporary and our historical origins, the diaspora and Palestine. The poster depicts a femme person with a raised first, wearing a kuffiyeh and mask, centering out femme leaders and placing the person in today’s pandemic times. The figure is standing in front of an ancient archway that can be found in Jerusalem’s old city. By placing a femme from diaspora within the city gates of jerusalem we are depicting our eventual return. A return gained through our resistance.