Thanks to HOLA GATITA (aka Hello Kitty) and her reading habits  I have connected with Aunt Lute Books, the publishers of Gloria Anzaldua’s book Borderlands. They are in the midst of a crowd source fundraising campaign which will support the publishing of a fourth edition of Anzaldua’s book. When I heard about the effort I immediatly made a cash donation as well as a committment to donate four of my new “Tumbling Down the Steps of the Temple”  ,which was recently printed at the Serie Project. The print features a portait of Gloria Anzaldúa as well as quote from the book. I urge everyone who can donate to do so, in order for new generations of readers to have access to this transformational book.


“As our Kickstarter campaign to fund the 4th edition re-printing of Borderlands enters its final stretch, we are unveiling an exciting new donation incentive: four limited-edition screen prints featuring Gloria Anzaldúa’s image and text from Borderlands. The prints were created and donated to our campaign by Xicana activist-artist Melanie Cervantes of Dignidad Rebelde, and we are very excited about her work and this collaboration.

The 22 x 30 inch five-color screen printed posters were printed at the Serie Project earlier this year and are valued and placed at the $250 prize reward level. These beautiful, hand-crafted posters are a fantastic way to honor Gloria’s work and legacy — both by contributing to our re-printing campaign to insure Borderlands is read for years to come, as well as by honoring and displaying the image and art of two Xicana artists in your space.

Every donation, no matter what size, brings us closer to our all-or-nothing funding deadline on July 28. Please consider viewing our campaign page, or passing this information onto friends. Kickstarter allows donation adjustments — meaning if you’ve already donated, you can increase your pledge to receive a different prize incentive. Maybe your collective house, organization, or community center would want to pool funds to donate (or increase your donation) to receive one of these fantastic posters to hang in your space?  There are only four of these prints available, so get organizing! With just a few days left, any donation, promotion, or support helps.

Thanks so much for your interest and support of our campaign and of Borderlands!

— Your friends at Aunt Lute”